General Information on Titanium Seamless Pipes/Tubes

FT METALS have the capability to supply titanium welded pipe and seamless tubes from a smaller outer diameter to a bigger diameter with thinner walls and thicker thickness, as well as hollow bars. We can offer not only the common specification pipes but also very special requirements.

The surface of titanium tubes will be pickled and bright, we offer test methods containing eddy current tests, ultrasonic tests as a regular test, and PMI if it needs. Not only we can produce pure titanium tubes, but also Grade 9(Ti3AL2.5V) and Gr. 5(TI6AL4V).

Regular titanium grades and sizes for titanium tube

Material Size available standard
Titanium CP1 (Grade 1) Regular seamless pipe size:
For Seamless and Welded pip
Size of Titanium Capillary tubing
OD0.2~8mm, WT0.015~0.5MM
Length: at random length
ASTM- B338, AMS-4942, AMS 4943, AMS 4944, AMS 4945
Titanium CP2 (Grade 2)
Titanium CP3 (Grade 3)
Titanium CP1 (Grade 4)
Gr. 9(Ti3AL2.5V) ERTI-9
Gr. 7(ERTI-7)
Gr. 11 ERTI-11
Gr. 12 ERTI-12
GR. 16 ERTI-16
GR. 17 ERTI-17


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