About FullType Metals

FullType Metals, short for FT Metals, is a manufacturer and exporter for finished and semi-finished parts produced from Titanium &Titanium Alloys, Super Alloys (Inconel & Hastelloy Series), Refractory metals and their alloys (Tungsten and Molybdenum), Refractory Material for foundry (Ceramic and special paper), Tantalum and Niobium, Zirconium and Hafnium, Copper and Nickel Alloys, etc.

Why we can offer such a diverse range of products?

Product Scope

Basic Materials(slabs, bars/rods/wire, plates/sheets/strips, pipes/tubes/fittings, powder, etc..) and deep-processing products as follows:

  • Free and Die forgings of Disk, Shaft, Rings, Blades, Large Structures, Landing Gears, Steam Turbines, Valve Bodies, Tees, Blocks, Closure, Casing Head, Spindle, Valve Ball, Tubing Heads, etc.
  • Precision Machining Parts.
  • Precision Castings: Vacuum & Non-Vacuum Pouring for Aeroengine structures, Gas turbine blade, Compressor Blade, etc per AMS, ASME, ASTM standard.