FT Metals has a robust supply capacity and has integrated resources from numerous production companies. However, it may not be able to produce all products, and its inventory may not meet all customers’ requirements. Therefore, for certain orders, FT Metals may process and fulfill them under a different name. Please note that this is not a bad thing and helps FT Metals save on corporate procurement costs. All communication channels are unique and any after-sales or quality feedback is FT Metals’ responsibility. Any questions you may have can be directed to info@ftmetals.com

How to place a purchase order with FT Metals?

First you may need to inquire, after you confirm the quotation, please send your formal order to us, then we send you a proforma invoice. The final payee and manufacturer shall refer to the proforma invoice. Sometimes, you may need to sign a supply contract with us, then we send you invoice.

We can guarantee the following:

  • Ensure that all supplied products meet quality requirements
  • Ensure that the supplier’s qualifications fully meet the clients’ requirements
  • Ensure that the quality control of the production process fully meets the requirements of relevant quality standards
  • Ensure the validity of quotations and relatively competitive prices
  • Ensure timely delivery
  • Payment terms: for each order, we can negotiate corresponding personalized payment methods to meet the expectations of all parties
Quality issues

Although any delivered goods are subject to strict quality inspection, there may inevitably be quantity shortages, wrong dimensions or defective products in some cases. Once you find a problem after receiving the goods, please contact us in time and send the corresponding photos or test data report via email as evidence, we will confirm the source of the problem and propose a solution as soon as possible.

Information confidentiality

At any time, we will strictly enforce the confidentiality terms of business information and refuse to disclose to you and your customers, as well as product drawings, material properties, application areas, etc., to any third party without your permission.