General Information on FT Metals’ Sintered Titanium Sheets

Sintered titanium sheet, also known as porous sintered material, is made of spherical or irregularly shaped metal or alloy powder by forming and sintering. The internal pores of the material are crisscrossed and interconnected, generally with 15% – 60% volume porosity, and a pore size of 1 – 100 microns. It has good permeability, thermal and electrical conductivity, high and low-temperature resistance, thermal shock resistance, and media corrosion resistance. Used in the manufacture of filters, porous electrodes, fire extinguishing devices, anti-freeze devices, etc.

  1.  The use temperature in the air can reach 500-600℃
  2. Can use strong corrosive filtration, such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, etc
  3. The mechanical properties are still very good, and it can be machined such as cutting and welding;
  4. The compressive strength is high, and the internal pressure damage strength is as high as 2MPa or more
  5. The filtration accuracy is easy to guarantee, even when working under high temperature and high pressure, the aperture will not be deformed

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Our products are mostly packaged in a wooden crate with cushioning material to prevent damage to the material during transportation and handling. Small pieces are also well-packed in cartons.

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