Pure tungsten


Pure tungsten is a rare metal with a high melting point and belongs to the VIB group of the sixth period (the second longest period) of the periodic table of elements. Tungsten is a silver-white metal. Tungsten has a high melting point, low vapor pressure, and low evaporation rate. The chemical properties of tungsten are very stable, it does not react with air and water at room temperature, and it is insoluble in hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and alkali solutions.

Atomic number74
Melting point/℃3420
Boiling point/℃5550 
Crystal structureBody centered cube
Elastic modulus/GPa400 
Thermal expansion coefficient/K-14.5×10-6 
Thermal conductivity/W·(m·K)-1160 
Resistivity/ Ω·mm2·m-10.054  
Specific heat/J·(g·K)-10.13 

Specifications and performance

Pure tungstenΦ 1~1000.5~50


After undergoing processes such as rolling, forging, and drawing, tungsten and its alloys reach or almost attain theoretical density, which enhances their strength, plasticity, toughness, and formability. As a result, they are widely used as components in high-temperature furnaces, electron tubes, and other applications.